Grandkids’ Visit

Sorry I have been out of touch.  We went to Ojai for an overnight stay on Wednesday night, arrived home on Thursday late in the evening and then had our grandkids arrive yesterday by midday for a sleepover last night.  I fully expected to blog after putting Nico to bed at 7 pm, but the truth is that I only got up to prepare for bed myself and was out by 8.  Good thing since the kids were both awake and raring to go by 6:50 am.  Still, I got at least 11 hours of sleep.  Aw, bliss.

Tonight we went to a choir fundraiser at our church, which was lovely.  We just returned home about thirty minutes ago and since then I have made a trip around the block with the dogs.

Tomorrow, we are up early for church and then heading to the LA Phil with our friend, David Bode.  Then, I believe, we’ll be going back to Ojai to work for a few days.

Yes, busy, but good busy, not the kind where you just feel dragged from spot to spot.  I enjoy physical work – moving my body – and so I am happy to be up in Ojai, moving stuff around.

Right now, I’m going to drag my body upstairs and get ready for bed.  Eight o’clock mass will be here quick as a wink.

Here are Luna and Nico during their stay.  Darling kids, those two. So loving and sweet.



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