Birthday Evening with a Friend

We just returned from celebrating our friend David Bode’s belated birthday.  We went to eat Indian food in Pasadena and then headed to the Laemmle Theater for a movie.  That move was “Norman: The Moderate Rise And Tragic Fall Of A New York Fixer,” and it is about a loveable loser who is always trying to fix other people’s problems. Norman is constantly trying to make a few connections so that people get what they need while he makes a semblance of a living.  Richard Gere has the starring role and is very believable. He inhabits this role.  Both Steve Buscemi and Michael Sheen are very strong as Norman’s rabbi and his nephew.  There is an Israeli connection in the film as well with Lior Ashkenazi playing the Israeli prime minister.  He and Gere could garner Oscar nods for their performances.

I would recommend this film to anyone who likes a movie that is character-based and filled with unexpected twists and turns.

We had a lovely time with David during dinner and at the movies.   Lots of fun conversation and excellent Indian cuisine.

Thanks, David Bode, for a fun evening!

Here is the link for the trailer.

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