1st Story Written by Luna and Grandma

I am sitting here on this Friday evening recovering from an overnight with my grandbabies, who, God bless them, kept me going from the second they arrived until the moment we reconvened with their parents (who looked remarkedly rested, I might note).

Here is a story that Luna and I wrote.  We were learning about hippos and we decided to write a story after watching several Youtube videos on Hippo Fun Facts. None of those facts appear in this story.  Luna supplied the names, the places, the problem and the solution. I helped put it all together.  Luna also illustrated the story with a cover page, but I forgot to take a photo before she left.  My phone went dead during the visit and I can barely get it to charge now so we’ll have to publish without the illustrations.

Here’s the story.  Only one of many, I hope.


Losing Monkey


Finding New Friends

Mama Hippo and her baby, Monkey, were eating grass on the banks of the river.  They decided to go to the Los Angeles zoo because they were lonely.  They began to run.  They ran and ran and ran.  Unfortunately, they were running in the wrong direction and Monkey even made another wrong turn.  He ran to a different river and his mommy couldn’t find him anywhere.

“Help!” Mommy cried.  “I’ve lost my baby!”

An alligator heard Mama Hippo and swam up.  “I’ll help you,” he said and he swam away as fast as he could.

Just at that point, a giraffe came up because she had also heard Mama’s cry.  She stretched her neck up, up, up and looked across the treetops.  She said, “Don’t worry.  Mr. Alligator is going to find your baby.”

Mommy Hippo sat with Miss Giraffe and waited.  They waited and waited and waited.  Mommy was getting discouraged and sad.  “What if Mr. Alligator doesn’t find Monkey.”

Thirty l o n g minutes later, Mommy Hippo and Miss Giraffe saw fish and waves and bubbles in the river and then up popped Monkey and the alligator.

“I found you, Mommy!” Monkey cried.  “Let me give you a big hug.”

Mommy Hippo smiled at Mr. Alligator and Miss Giraffe. “Thank you so much for helping me.  You are so kind.”

Mr. Alligator and Miss Giraffe smiled back.  “You are welcome.”

Mommy Hippo and Monkey decided to stay in the new river because now they had new and wonderful friends. They were not lonely anymore.

Mama Hippo and Monkey were now so happy.

The End

Baby hippo hides with mum




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