Big Little Lies – Worth Watching

Ray and I have been watching the HBO’s 7-espisode limited series, “Big Little Lies,” with Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Laura Dern.  David E. Kelley is the writer of this murder mystery and Jean-Marc Vallee is the director.  The story lets you know in the first episode that there has been a murder, but the identity of the victim and the murderer are withheld.  We have watched 6 of the 7 episodes and still have no clear idea who did what to whom in reference to the murder.  There’s lots of intrigue and the possibilities are many.  The story is set in Monterrey, CA, and the contrast between the darkness in the lives of some of the characters and the beautiful of the ocean is quite striking.

If you are looking for some quality television watching, I would recommend this series.  I am presuming the finale will be worth the time and energy we’ve invested but I suspect it will be.  David E. Kelley rarely disappoints in his writing and the acting, as you might suppose, is superlative.  Nicole Kidman and Laura Dern burn up the screen; Reece Witherspoon holds her own with no trouble whatsoever.  Another actor, Shailene Woodley, has a pivotal role and is very strong.

The story initially looks as if it’s going to be about rich women in a rich community living the rich life and looking beautiful, but it far from that.  Each woman has secrets that come to light over the season, which make them flawed and more human than the stereotype they initially represent.  There are husbands and lovers too which add to the intrigue, and the storylines involve some tough subjects such as domestic abuse and rape.  This is far from a light-hearted comedy though there are some light-hearted and heartfelt moments as these women bond with one another and gain more clarity about themselves and their lives.

I am looking forward to the season finale.  I can’t wait to find out who dun it and to whom!


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