Bad Luck and A Little Bit of Good

Well, I am not a real believer in the “Mercury in Retrograde” phenomenon, but I have had a run of bad luck over the past week or so. Not only did I manage to pull that gas nozzle right off the gas tank, but I also received a red-light notification in the mail (meaning there is a video and photos of me running a red light two weeks ago). In addition, I ended up with a bacterial infection that sent me to Urgent Care, and my computer bit the dust, I mean completely, like I had to order a brand new laptop. Hmmmm. Maybe there is something to this Mercury thing.

I will make this short tonight because I have had students for several hours today and I am tired.

The gist is this: I have been working a lot lately, which makes me tired, and this may account for everything that’s happened except for the computer. That may have everything to do with a five-year MacBook that is used constantly.

The tough part is all of this coming at once.

The good news: good luck surely is right around the corner.

I did get several pieces of good news:

I learned that one of my student’s college essays is used as the model for all potential students at Bennington College in Vermont. Yippee!

And one of my students who received a fellowship at Stanford this past summer told me that he learned while there that the admission board considered his essays to be superlative. Hooray.

That good news will sustain me for a while, I can tell you that. Particularly since I am knee-depth in college essay season once again.

I hope your luck has been good lately. If not, surely there’s a change a’comin’!

Talk to you tomorrow.


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