New Computer and Babies in the House

My new computer arrived today – I am so happy!  Ray has been generous with his, loaning it to me when I’ve had students over the past several days.  I appreciate that very much. Now I have my own MacBook Air and I am excited by its light weight versus my 5-year-old MacBook. Also, I like the nice new keyboard since I’d worn the letters off several of the keys of my old one.

But where is Word?  I have something called Pages, but I need Word!  I saw a way to convert Pages to Word, but I haven’t figured out where you find the converted documents. Anybody out there who knows about this topic, please guide me.  I work constantly with students on work and use Google docs for storage.  But I like Word.  What gives?

I have two sweet little grandchildren visiting tonight. Both are now sound asleep.  What a treat to have access to these two precious munchkins.  They are both so sweet-natured and loving, I just love hanging out with them. The beauty of childhood: be fascinated by everything outside and ran as fast as you can from Point A to Point B.

I’ll say goodnight now. I need to go downstairs and bring up the small ice chest Sarah sends with Nico’s bottles filled with breastmilk inside.  I want to be ready when he wakes in the middle of the night and is hungry.

We’ll talk tomorrow.

Sleep well.


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