A Writing Focused Day

This has been a day spent on Story Circle Network’s Online Classes program and my college essay students. I have been evaluating proposals for the fall term, which is exciting since there are some great classes coming up. Also, I worked with three students over the phone so we can get a jump on the college admission process this summer and rather than waiting until school starts in the fall.

I also will be teaching a new course for SCN in the fall: An Intermediate Flash Fiction/Memoir class for students who have taken my Introductory “Writing Short” class. I’ve never taught this before and am doing so at the request of several students. I am excited about it because I will be working with students with whom I already have a rapport and we can dig deeper. Yahoo.

I have been focused for several hours on this. After a week of being outside in the heat, I must admit I’ve enjoyed sitting in the air conditioning and working on the writing part of my life. I also must say that sitting here in our Victorian is a pleasure in itself. It is such a quiet and peaceful place.

I am ready to relax now so I’ll say good-night. I hope you all had a good Sunday and are geared up to face Monday in the morning!

I’ll be checking in again tomorrow.

Startup Stock Photos
Startup Stock Photos

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