Garage Sale Day

A big thank you to Debbie Hope Norris and her sister for making the trek over from Bonham this morning to come to our garage sale.  I really appreciated you taking the time to visit.

Also, much thanks to Ronnie Ball’s wife, two daughters and granddaughter for dropping by.  As I said to them, “One of my greatest pleasures on facebook is seeing the wives/husbands, children and grandchildren of my childhood friends. I find it very touching.” I admit to getting a little teary -eyed when I looked at Ronnie’s girls and saw his face in their faces.  Yes, I do have a serious sentimental streak, for which I will not apologize.

Also, my cousin Lee sent a friend of his over with our mutual friend/family member, Jim Adams, to meet Ray and me.  We chatted with Jim and David and then I took David on a house tour.  In his words, “I was geeking out upstairs looking at all the Lyon memorabilia.”  Needless to say, we hope to be seeing more of David.  We clearly have a lot in common!

Much thanks to Parker McComas for making the trek from Anna to see us.  Parker always brings his well-honed sense of humor with him and that makes everything a lot more fun. Gayle, we missed you, but understand you were making tons of money today working, so what can we say?

Finally, thank you, Laura (Jeannine) Jones for coming to visit after sixteen years.  We picked up right where we left all, a true measure of friendship.  I enjoyed getting completely up-to-date on all the family news.  Hugs to Jim.  It was good to see your son and grandson too.

We had a great day.  Lots of sales, fun and camaraderie among neighbors and friends.

Now I must sleep.

We’ll be talking again tomorrow.





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