Almost Too Tired to Shower

I am sitting in a chaise lounge here at the orange grove. It is 7:20 pm and I am trying to work up the energy to walk over to our shower, which is in a tin building with no roof. Once there, I will be happy. Thanks to a heat-on-demand propane water heater, there will be hot water for as long as I like. 

The problem is the walking. I have been up and down and around this fifteen acres all day with Ray, trying to track down a water problem related to irrigating our tress.  We have finally isolated the problem, which is great, but now I have to find the energy to get to the shower. This fatigue is even after I fell asleep on the gravel near the fire ring and woke up 1 1/2 hours later. To explain: it is hot here and we did completely load our van with antiques and collectibles to take to sell in Texas. Also, we have been up and out since 8 am. 

Alas…this does not solve the shower problem. 

Ray was smart. He took a shower before coming down to the Airstream. I, on the other hand,  am dust covered and sweaty from a day full of work here.  

I would like to say, despite my shower challenge, this has been a wonderful day. A cool breeze is coming in from the ocean and the orange grove is quiet and peaceful.   Tranquil is the word that describes my day best. 

Okay, it is time. I will hoist myself up and get moving. The evening air is cooling down. This promises to be great sleeping weather tonight. 

Hope you can have your shower with a little less effort. I will be checking back in tomorrow. 

This is my view from the chaise lounge, looking up into one of our orange trees. 

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  1. mayadeb02 says:

    Lovely view, Len. Hope you managed to get yourself moving.

  2. Thank you! Yes, I managed to go to bed clean, but it was an effort.

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