Ojai Tonight

Ray and I are up at the orange grove tonight. We are staying in our Airstream and will gather up collectibles tomorrow to take with us on our upcoming drive to Texas.  We are due to leave on Thursday after having the chance to keep our grandkids overnight on Wednesday. That visit will hopefully hold us until we can see those darling babies again in a couple of weeks. 

The air is cool here tonight though warm during the day. Certainly not the heat we will encounter in Texas but more than we are used to down in LA. It is also very quiet here and the stars are burning bright in the night sky. It is always pleasure to be here. This is a refuge for us from the bustling city. 

This will be short tonight. I need to go to bed since we are getting up early to work before the heat gets too bad. Unfortunately, I drank some coffee in late afternoon and now I am paying for it. I know better but thought I could sneak by. Apparently not. 

I hope you are well wherever you are. I wish you a good night sleep and I will be checking back in tomorrow. 

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