In Ojai for a Family Weekend

We are up in Ojai for a workday tomorrow before a family camping weekend. We are lucky enough to have our little granddaughter Luna with us tonight. Her mom, dad and baby brother will be arriving tomorrow afternoon. All three daughters plus assorted friends will arrive over the next day or so.  The weather is so pretty that it is a perfect time to be outside, day or night. This evening the temperature here is mild, 56 degrees, with the low going down to 49. Tomorrow it is due to be up to 83 degrees. 

The best part of being here right now is that the orange blossoms are opening and the air is filled with one of the most delicious fragrances on earth. I am not certain there is much else that smells as good as a whole grove of orange blossoms. 

When we arrived tonight after dark, I didn’t know the trees were blooming so when we got out of the car and walked through the grove I was surprised by the sweetness that permeated the air.  That scent, coupled with a sky filled with shimmering stars, stopped me in my tracks. I had to take a moment to luxuriate in that lovely assault on my senses. What a unexpected pleasure. 

At this point in the evening, little Luna, Grandpa and our two dogs are cuddled up in bed, sound sleep. It is 9:55. I am up in the front of the Airstream listening to Gershwin on Classical USC and writing this blog on my telephone. We don’t have wifi out here for the computer so the only choice is the phone. 

I’m looking forward to the next few days. We will work tomorrow but the work is all outside in these lovely temperatures. So that shouldn’t be too trying. Also, having people here tomorrow night will be lots of fun since we will build a fire and cook over the grill. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend planned, whether it be with family, friends or alone. Whatever the case,  I wish you well. 

I will check back in with you tomorrow.   

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  1. Have a wonderful downtime with family. 😀

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