The Magic Flute Tonight – A Completely Unique Production

Ray and I were the lucky recipients of tickets to see Mozart’s opera, The Magic Flute, tonight at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. This rendition was staged as a silent movie with graphics that flashed on a huge screen on the stage. The performers appeared via doors that swung open and closed for their solos. This was a completely different approach to opera than I have ever seen. The graphics that were projected on the screen were vivid and engaging and certainly kept my attention. The production was picture perfect as were the voices. Quite an evening. Since we are not regular opera goers, it was eye-opening that opera can stray from the standard form. That was fun to see.

Here is the link to the LA Times review for more information:

Much thanks to our friend, Jano, for these great tickets.  We missed you!  You could have worn whatever you felt like for this event, my dear, since the hall was filled with folks wearing everything from evening gowns to rumpled blue jeans. Again, thank you for this gift.

Here are a few pictures from the evening at the former home of the Oscars.

Outside Dorothy Chandler Pavilion


Another View Outside


Inside at the pre-performance talk


From our seats up in the balcony


An example of the graphics


Gold sparkled column inside


Enormous chandeliers


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  1. Lucky YOU! What a theater. It sounds a wonderful evening. ❤

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