Ojai Sick Day for Luna

Luna woke up sick this morning. Ended up with a fairly high temperature over the course of the day, resulting in cool wash cloth and Children’s Tylenol time. Since her parents weren’t here, Grandma was the designated comfort source so we snuggled in bed all afternoon together while she slept on and off. I had forgotten the times with my own children when illness comes and life simply stops. All planned activities go on hold while time and attention are given to the little person who needs them. That was today. 

Luna was very sweet with me. Holding me close. 

Of course, it will be a miracle if I dodge this virus since her little face was close to mind for hours. Alas, I will fortify with vitamin C. What else could I do?  My little sweetheart needed me. 

Tonight, she snuggled with her daddy while the rest of us around the campfire. I do love a campfire. 

Sleep well, my friends. I hope you have a few fun activities planned for the weekend. 

I’ll be talking to you again tomorrow.  


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