Happy Birthday, Ray!

Today started early with a visit to grandson Nico’s first baseball game of the season. He played first base, displayed an impressive arm when throwing to the pitcher, and also made a hit on his first swing. He is also the tallest boy on his team at age 7.

We then headed to Sarah’s house where we spent the afternoon with Sarah, Luna, Nico, Lyla, Liz, Ron, Ethan, Rachael, and Andrew. (Gregorio is off at an archeological conference in San Francisco.) We chatted, cooked, made jokes, and ate a tasty meal plus two desserts (one for Ray’s birthday and a second for Andrew’s birthday, which was last week.) Then we watched as Andrew and Ray opened their presents. We gave Andrew and Rachael a gift certificate to Wi Spa, which they will both enjoy. Ray received a jacket, honey-sweetened treats, coffee beans, and a homemade chocolate mint frozen treat that Liz and Ron had found and Ron made. I gave Ray tickets to see The Mavericks (the band) in Dallas in September.

We had a lot of fun together. I am grateful to have a family who really enjoys one another. I just wish Gregorio could have been there, but I know that he was seeing lots of old friends in the archeological community and also presenting information on his company.

Ray seemed very happy. At one point, he and Lyla were sitting on the couch, side-by-side, each reading on their devices. They look contented to just be near each other. Luna performed several magic tricks for Sarah and me in preparation for a “larger” performance for the whole family. Nico and I had a spirited conversation about one day going to Italy so he can see Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius.

A lovely day all around and a wonderful way to celebrate Ray’s birthday.

Nico and Sarah

Sarah, Ray, and Chula

Andrew’s Cake

Ray’s Cake

Ray, Len, Lyla, Ethan, and Nico

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