Today with the Pacheco-Beaty Family

Today, Ray and I had the chance to visit our oldest daughter Sarah and her family. Unfortunately, we only had a quick peek at Gregorio, Sarah’s husband, because he was not feeling well. We took the kids to the playground of Luna and Nico’s school where they could all enjoy being outdoors. We also had the chance to see where Luna’s fourth-grade classroom is and also Nico’s first-grade classroom. Their school, located in a quiet South Pasadena neighborhood, is charming and small. It’s also in one of the best school districts in Los Angeles, a primary reason Sarah and Gregorio chose South Pas, as it is called by the locals.

Luna and Nico are both in the English-Spanish dual-immersion program, which starts in kindergarten and runs through fifth grade. Luna is completely fluent at this point in Spanish; Nico is in first grade and is learning all the basics. This school is also where Lyla will go when she attends kindergarten year after next. She will also be in the dual-immersion program.

We had a lovely afternoon chatting with Sarah and playing with the kids. We rounded off the day with a trip to Momma’s, a local Italian family restaurant. We just wish Gregorio had felt well enough to join. As it was, I was happy that he was at home getting the rest he needs.

This is a photo our son-in-law Ron took of Sarah and Luna yesterday when they were together at a mutual friend’s birthday party. I thought it was well worth sharing.

And here is another one from Ron taken yesterday that includes our middle daughter, Liz, and their new baby Ethan, along with granddaughter Luna and grandson Nico.

Picnic tables at the kids’ school’s playground. This was snack time while they were watching other kids playing.

Sarah, Lyla, Ray, Nico, and Luna

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