Just in Case

Dear Girls,

If Dad and I meet our maker anytime soon, here are a few things for you to keep in mind.

  1. The life insurance policies are in the left-hand drawer of the buffet in the tv room. We both have policies but mine is worth more than Dad’s, which is something I hope to remedy in the near future. But if the grim reaper comes before I have time to make that change, just cash them in and split the proceeds by three.
  2. If we go down in a plane crash, then there is an upside. (No pun intended). We always buy our tickets through American Express and there is a hefty insurance policy for at least one of us and maybe both. (I need to read the fine print. Or maybe you can if I am not around to get that done in a timely fashion.)
  3. I know we have a lot of stuff, but let Rachael handle the selling of our antiques and collectibles. She may consider that a curse, but she has been busy learning about this stuff over the past several years and can put it on eBay. As far as Dad’s cars and vintage trailers go, get Jim and Karry to help assess the value. They love that kind of thing and will be glad to help you guys at a time that might be a little morose.
  4. The house in Texas is a whole other thing in itself. I guess Rachael can sell the mid-century furniture at the building with pick-up only on eBay. Get Eleanor Via to come over and handle the estate sale. She is our best buddy there and knows what she’s doing. She is 82, however, so if we don’t hurry up and go, then she might beat us to the punch.
  5. The dogs? Well, I guess you guys can draw straws.
  6. Our personal effects – send to Goodwill
  7. My books – off to the used bookstore
  8. My papers – okay – send them to the trash. (I’ll never know.)
  9. We want to have a spot in the wall at St. Thomas for our ashes.
  10. Ian might be too sad to do the funeral but he can figure out who to get. Just make sure the music is mainly Bach. We’ll be happy with some incense too.
  11. Always know we love you even when you hate us for all of our junk.
  12. If I go first, please make Daddy hire a housekeeper.
  13. If Dad goes before me, make me continue to dye my hair for at least a couple of months.
  14. We promise to not go sky-diving again anytime soon. At least until we get everything organized.

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