A Note to Myself w/ a Few Quotes Thrown In

Dear Self, 

I am writing to you because I think you could use a little advice. Here is it in no particular order from people you respect:

  1. Breathe deeply a few times a day and smile after releasing those deep breaths. As Thich Nhat Hanh says in Being Peace, “Breathing in, I calm body and mind. Breathing out, I smile. Dwelling in the present moment I know this is the only moment.”
  2. Look for things to love all around you. As Ross Gay says in The Book of Delights: Essays, “The more stuff you love the happier you will be.”
  3. Be kind to yourself. As Toni Morrison says in Beloved, “You are your best thing.”
  4. Don’t be afraid of aging. As Ingrid Bergman said, “Getting old is like climbing a mountain; you get a little out of breath, but the view is much better!” 
  5. Be open with others. As C.S. Lewis said, “To love at all is to be vulnerable.”
  6. Don’t worry about where you are on your path. Just keep moving forward. As Carl Jung said, “Do not compare, do not measure. No other way is like yours. All other ways deceive and tempt you. You must fulfill the way that is in you.”
  7. Do not fret. As Mother Julian of Norwich said, “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.”
  8. Look for happiness in everyday life. As Brene Brown said, “I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness – it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practicing gratitude.”
  9. Practice compassion. As Portia said in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, “The quality of mercy is not strained/It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven/Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest/It blesseth him that gives and him that takes/
  10. Make love your priority. As Mother Teresa said, “Spread love wherever you go.”

Now, go to bed and get a good night’s sleep. That is another piece of good advice that will serve you well.

Your friend,


4 Comments Add yours

  1. jpmccomas says:

    Way out in front of excellent.

  2. Thanks, my friend. Hugs to you two.

  3. Mary Jo Doig says:

    So wise, Len. So generous. Your words fill me with peace and gratitude.

  4. Thank you, Mary Jo. I appreciate your feedback so much.

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