Flu Has Struck

Our collective birthday party has been put off until next Saturday – my actual birthday – due to an outbreak of flu among Luna’s friends. We received an email from Sarah this evening saying that Luna’s best friend and his sister have both tested positive for the flu and Luna has a sore throat and body aches. Poor babies.

We have rescheduled the party but there is also another event we were planning on attending tomorrow morning, Ron, Rachael, and Andrew are running a half-marathon that starts and ends at the Rose Bowl. We had planned to go to lend our support but have just learned that parking is crazy there. We have agreed to see what the weather is like in the morning before Ethan, Liz, Ray, and I venture over to cheer on our runners. Hopefully, we’ll be able to figure that out so they feel supported.

I made a peach pie today for Nico for the party. The dog on the top is a Scottie, which matches Chula, the newest addition to the Pacheco-Beaty family. I am trying to figure out if I can freeze the pie for next Saturday or else drop it by Sarah’s house tomorrow if we go to Pasadena for the race. Again, we will see.

I guess life is about rolling with the punches. Flu is something we don’t want and, certainly, little Ethan must not be exposed. Still, it’s a bit disappointing since Nico was no doubt looking forward to a family celebration close to his actual birthday. Plus, Liz’s birthday is this upcoming Monday. Still, we have next weekend to look forward to and I suppose it’ll be fine to celebrate on my actual birthday. Hopefully, we can all stay healthy between now and then. I will cross my fingers.

Here is the honey-sweetened peach pie that I made for Nico:

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  1. So sorry. How I have escaped both Covid and the flu I am not sure. I did hear another reason to wear mask: scientists have discovered there is some sort of cell (I do not recall the name) that if your nose is warm will kill all viruses that enter it but if your nose is cold, it misses half of them. A mask will help your nose stay warm. Hang in there. I certainly miss seeing you!!

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