A Busy Day Today

I am very tired tonight. We rose early to drive to Ojai and were on the road by 6:30 am. After arriving here at 8, we went right to work rearranging a cargo bin. Rachael, Ray, and I worked together to get things reorganized. Around 10:30. Liz and baby Ethan came to visit us while we worked. We all had to take a turn kissing and nuzzling Ethan’s sweet baby cheeks. He just celebrated his 3-week birthday. After a nice break, we resumed our work until lunch when we reconvened with Liz and baby Ethan while I heated up lunch. After resuming work at 1, we worked until 4, doing more reorganizing, and rearranging. We ended work for the day and I had the chance to spend more time with little Ethan. After that, we all took showers and then headed to dinner at a local Thai restaurant. Upon returning home, Ray and I watched the news report of Kevin McCarthy losing his 14th vote for US Speaker of the House. There was drama centered around Representative-Elect Matt Gaetz. From what I gathered, McCartney thought they had a deal that Gaetz was going to vote for him, which would have sealed his Speaker position. Instead, Gaitz did not. Now the House of Representatives has resumed its voting and a new result may be forthcoming. We shall see.

I don’t even have a photo of Ethan today after seeing him. Sorry about that! Suffice it to say, he is cuter than ever.

The best news (besides seeing Ethan) is that there was no rain today and the sun was out. The grass is green everywhere because of all the rain, which is also very nice. I snapped a photo of a blue heron in the field next door today. You can see it below.

Now I am going to drag myself to bed. I am BEAT.

Blue Heron in the field next door.

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