Rain, Rain, and More Rain

We here in California are usually very happy to receive rain. Yes, I know I’m speaking for everyone in the Golden State, but I feel certain my words are true. However, I think it would be fair to add that, given our druthers, we would prefer that rare and longed-for precipitation to come in a more regulated manner than it has of late. Say, showers a couple of days a week and then a bit of blue sky before another couple of days of showers the next week, and the next, and the next.

Though beggars can’t be choosers and we are indeed beggars in this game called rain here in CA, phrases such as “atmospheric river” tend to send shivers up our collective spine. A bit of shuddering is thrown in as well after viewing news footage of uprooted trees landing on houses, filled-to-the-brim rivers and creeks, and massive flooding of low-lying areas. And, of course, we Californians all have mudslides in the back of our minds. After wildfires have stripped so much of our forested areas, we know all too well how overly-saturated ground can transform into something truly devastating.

So, dear rain gods, is it possible to give us just a little time to recover before sending in another one of those “bomb cyclone storms?” I can say with complete certainty that the entire state will be grateful.

We all so love the pitter-patter of rainfall on our roofs. But surely you can understand why another “monster storm” feels a bit intimidating.

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