The Great Exodus Has Begun

As we drove back to LA from Ojai this afternoon, it seemed as if the entire city was emptying out. The opposing traffic on 101 and then 405 was bumper to bumper for miles heading up the coast. Our lanes going into LA were full but moving at their usual pace for mid-afternoon. I read a few days ago that this would be a record year for Americans traveling for the holidays. I believe from what we saw today that may very well be true.

Anyone who lives in LA knows that staying home for any holiday can be a special treat. Getting from one place to another is much easier since the traffic is much less. Getting a table in a restaurant is also much easier as is finding the perfect seat in the movie theater. We have enjoyed these advantages in past years, but this year we’ll head back up to Ojai on Saturday to spend the holiday with Liz, Ron, and Ethan. The rest of our family will drive up on Christmas Day to join us.

Whether at home or on the road, stay safe. We still have the countdown to the new year to look forward to!

I send good wishes to all of you for a happy holiday season. May you be well whether with family or not, whether here or off on a trek. The season is one that emphasizes hope and new beginnings. Wishing you both of these now and in the year to come.

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