Mild Temperatures Due for Christmas in Southern California

Don’t hate us here in California.

I have just read that a major cold front will be assaulting much of the country over the next few days, making holiday travel perilous. We here in Southern California, on the other hand, will be experiencing low 70s temperatures with partly cloudy skies. Christmas Day is forecasted to be 79 degrees.

Many of my friends from my hometown in Texas have asked me why I want to live in a state that is known for earthquakes, wildfires, and higher-than-average gas prices. I answer as most of my fellow Southern Californians would answer – the weather. It is hard to beat consistently mild temperatures year-round.

Of course, I also love California for a multitude of other reasons. I am an ocean person and the Pacific calls my name. Also, I am a proud Democrat so I’m among my people. Finally, I live in an area of the world that draws people who have come to live their dreams. Many might not “make it” in movies or television or whatever drew them here, but they had the gumption to give it their best. I find this makes for a nicely optimistic population.

I hope everyone will be safe over these next few days as the frigid weather descends. Hunker down, stoke up the heat, and enjoy feeling cozy for the Christmas season.

We will be wearing shorts over here and hoping not to get a sunburn.

Like I said, Please don’t hate us.

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