Storyworth Preparation

Sarah and her family gave me the gift last Christmas of Storyworth, which is a company that has you send in stories that you write and they make them into a book.

I am in the unique position of having over 2500 posts on my blog, with at least a couple of hundred posts being ones that could be included.

I spent today going through those posts and uploading one after the other. One of my goals is to cover our family stories and also the favorite recipes that I’ve gathered over the years. Currently, I have 73 entries and 258 pages worth of content, with one-third being stories and two-thirds being recipes. Over the next week or so, I’ll go through many of my other blog posts looking for more family stories and then add family photos.

Of course, I could have been working on this all year. Instead, I am doing it in the last month before the subscription ends on December 24th. However, I will make that deadline. That is my goal and I very much want to see these pieces in one book.

Thanks, Sarah and family, for this gift. It’s helping me to see that I do have many stories that are worthy of being put into a volume that we can keep. That makes me happy.

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