The Coupling

A man and a woman

Alone in the woods

The gray trunks of the trees

In orchard-like rows

The ground covered in

Orange and yellow flowers

Amid green leaves

The man in a black suit and top hat

Stands next to the woman

Who wears a long green dress and yellow hat

Her arm is draped over his arm

As if they have just concluded a wedding march

They stand close to one another

Bodies touching

Intimacy, a part of their language

Birds twitter in the trees

A cool breeze caresses them

The undergrowth beckons them

To lie down together on this

Cool spring day

They meld together

As the colors around them mingle

Each distinctive individually

But muted when coupled

Life begetting life

In the privacy of a secluded wood

Van Gogh: Undergrowth With Two Figures 1890

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