Back as an Acolyte at St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church, Hollywood

This evening was my first time in two years to serve as an acolyte

I was the Lay Eucharist Minister at the Low Mass

I was greeted by old friends when I walked into the sacristy

Holy Week is definitely a good time to reunite

I was a bit worried about how much I had forgotten

Our priest assured me that he would guide me every step of the way

A few things have changed in my two-year absence

We have new candlesticks that are so tall they are a little hard for me to light

We have several beautiful new pieces on the altar

We also have a much better sound system and everything is live-streamed

The Internet, for all its downsides, offers a real upside to people who can’t attend church

True to his word, our priest reminded me quietly if I forgot something

“We’re going to wash the dishes now,” he whispered when I gave him a quizzical look

“Of course,” I muttered, and reached for the cruet of water

No major missteps

I felt a quiet calmness

Tomorrow is Maundy Thursday

I will serve as the Sub Deacon

Luckily, we will practice beforehand

I look forward to sharing Holy Week with my fellow acolytes

I am grateful for that gift

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