The Irony of Flaws

We all have flaws, yes?

Those pesky parts that demonstrate

Our humanness

The parts that make us

Crimson with shame

When we realize they have been revealed to others

Our thoughtlessness

Our ego-driven self-centeredness

Our inability to be charitable, kind, considerate, empathetic

On a day when we’re overloaded, overwhelmed,

Over everything and everybody

Who is looking at us with

A needy eye

Yes, flaws are an element of our human condition

They also make us more understanding

On a good day

Of other people’s failings

We all know how easy it is

To fall into the mud puddle of life and

Emerge covered in muck

Flaws are also ironic

Our failings enable us to understand

And potentially forgive

The failings of others

Or at least to have a glimmer of understanding

Which makes us higher on the evolutionary chain

From other living beings

We are by nature self-reflective

Some more

Some less

A few not at all

But the majority

Know all too well

Just how alluring and deep

That mud puddle is

Flaws can be

Fodder for forgiveness

Of oneself and others

Flaws offer us the opportunity

To gain insight and grow

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