Shifts and Changes

Seems like everyone I know

Is facing some shifting right now

New jobs, new places to live, new possibilities

Exciting and good

With one thing in common: change

One friend and her husband are considering selling their home

Another is looking at a new job possibility

A third is contemplating returning to school

Is this our post-Covid world?

Were we holed up long enough to realize change is a good thing?

Or is this just life?

Situations and circumstances

Constantly shifting

And we are all just more aware

After so much time focused on a worldwide pandemic?

I, for one, am happy that all the changes I mentioned are good ones

That is not the case for so many people who face changes that are painful

One friend’s beloved brother just died.

Another’s husband died just a month ago

Someone else I know is facing a new chronic illness

Not to mention the horrors our Ukraine brothers and sisters are facing

Life equals change

Perhaps that’s the truth and

A static state is a mere illusion

Life is changing even when we can’t see it with the naked eye

Just as one can’t detect the minute changes that occur with the aging process

The results are clearly evident over time

Embracing change brings peace

Resisting change brings frustration

I will embrace change rather than resist

The alternative is like trying to stop a river’s flow

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