Luna’s Ninth Birthday Celebration

Today, I made honey-sweetened chocolate buttercream frosting

For a homemade vanilla cake sweetened with maple sugar.

Our little Luna, our first grandchild, turns nine tomorrow.

Our family gathered in Griffith Park for a picnic celebration this morning.

We ate turkey sandwiches, put pimento cheese on rice cakes, munched on chips.

Then off we went on a mini-train ride, a pony ride, and a visit to the petting zoo.

We returned to birthday cake and gifts.

Luna attacked both with gusto, then five minutes later,

She was stretched out on a quilt reading her new book.

Today was an easy day

People gathered together who love this little girl with all their hearts.

Luna is smart, funny, artistic, and comfortable in her own skin.

She also loves to tell jokes and make us laugh.

She has brought us joy from the moment we knew she was coming.

How wonderful to celebrate this little girl’s special day.

She is a gift.

Luna Isabella Pacheco Beaty
Auntie Liz, Luna, and Sarah, and Grandma’s homemade cake
Auntie Rachael and Lyla
Ron and Liz
Rachael, Lyla, and Andrew
Ray and Ron
Gregorio and Sarah

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