Actively Choosing to Grow

Today I listened to a podcast on self-actualization

AKA, operating from our higher selves

I love this stuff

Who doesn’t want to be self-actualized?

I learned that Abraham Maslow didn’t pick someone famous

As his model for the most self-actualized person he’d ever known

No, he picked his mother-in-law

Hmmm. I can see my sons-in-law smirking at that thought

I also learned about D-love

Deficiency love

You know, that needy love that doesn’t feel very good

I also learned about B-love

Be Love

You know, the other kind of love that feels whole and right

I was relieved to hear that self-actualization is not a race

It’s two steps forward and one step back

Over and over and over

I know how that feels

Two steps forward, one step back

I feel better now

A mother-in-law

Can be love

You don’t have to be famous or special

You can just look up and out

You can offer a pat or a smile

I can go to bed now, happy

I can handle two steps forward, one step back

I can handle looking up and out

2 Comments Add yours

  1. nanr42 says:

    Thanks for that, it’s helpful. I’ll look into Maslow.

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