Buddhist and Gregorian Chants: A Way to Release the Tension of the Day

I have recently discovered the meditative power of listening to Buddhist chanting while I write. I usually listen to Gregorian chanting, which feels familiar given my Anglo-Catholic background. I love Gregorian chants, which connect me to my faith and are directly related to parts of the mass. The Buddhist chants, on the other hand, are geared solely toward deepening one’s peaceful state of mind. Buddhism is not aimed at worshipping a deity in the way Christianity is, but rather is a nontheistic religious practice.

I find both of these recordings immensely useful in helping me to feel serene and at peace. Given the turmoil in the world, I’ve felt even more inclined recently to put my earbuds in and listen to this simple, rhythmic chanting. It clears away much of the worry I have accumulated and allows me instead to focus on the present moment.

And, yes, I often do a bit of chanting myself while listening.

Here is what I’m listening to now:

Here is the Gregorian chant I often listen to:

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