One Reason I Share My Writing

I share my writing because I want to create a link with other people. I believe in the healing power of connection through the written word, so I express my thoughts and feelings through fiction, memoir, creative nonfiction, and poetry. Sharing my writing has helped me to form relationships with other people that would not have been possible without my willingness to share. When I write a piece and share it either on my daily blog or through publication, I often have responses from readers that touch me deeply. For example, I shared the eulogy I delivered at my sister’s funeral on my blog and routinely have people who have googled “How to Write a Eulogy” write to me and ask if they can use the format I used for my sister’s eulogy for their loved one who has recently passed away. I always write back as quickly as possible to let them know that I’m honored for them to use the format. I tell them that I’m happy my words have in some way brought them a bit of comfort during this painful time. Connection is the primary motivating factor for me to not only write but also to share my writing. Without taking the risk to share, there’s no way to create a link with another human being.

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