Buddha Has Arrived at the Orange Grove

Today, a Buddha we have been storing for two years finally made its home in our orange grove. The minute I saw this beautiful statue, I knew instantly that it would be a perfect addition to our Ojai property.

This is Phase One of the Buddha’s arrival. We will add more plants to clearly define a room amidst the trees. We will also add a trellis for the climbing white roses and a small roof to serve as a protector against the intense sun as well as rain. We’ll also add a few simple places to sit and perhaps a birdbath. We will see.

But as of now, we already have a lovely contemplative garden in the very middle of the orange grove. I am so pleased and happy.

Here are two photos:

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  1. Don Dodson says:

    WOW. That is huge and beautiful. I have 3 here but nothing like that.


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