Happy Birthday, Nico Pacheco Beaty!

Today is my grandson Nico’s 6th birthday. Nico had a birthday party at home this evening with his mom, dad, and two sisters, and our whole family will gather on Sunday to celebrate our favorite little boy’s birthday.

Nico is such a sweet boy. He requested that his mom get one present each for his sisters so they would also have gifts. This is pretty much his personality in a nutshell. Very protective of his sisters and sensitive to what’s happening to the people around him. He is all-boy in terms of playing soccer, running around with lots of energy, eating with enthusiasm, and loving everything related to superheroes and dinosaurs. He also has a gentle side. When I asked him what fruit toppings he wanted on a slice of cake, he said, “I don’t care, Grandma. Just make it beautiful.”

My favorite story about Nico happened on his first day of kindergarten this year. Sarah said that he was nervous about going to school and got teary looking at her. But just before heading into class, Nico reached out and offered his hand to the little boy next to him. They walked into class together holding hands so that (in Nico’s words) “they could be brave.” That little boy remains Nico’s best friend in school.

Here is a photo of tonight’s festivities in South Pasadena:

Nico, Gregorio and Luna

Here is Lyla in what Sarah described as “a post-cake coma.”

Lyla after too much fun at Nico’s party
Nico, Luna, and Lyla heading to soccer games a few months back.

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  1. pam hancock says:

    Love seeing these grands. They are precious and such a gift !

    1. So true, Pam! I love seeing your grandkids as well.

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