Dare to Dream

Sitting here a week away from yet another birthday, I want to give myself permission to dream about my writing goals. It’s easy when you get older to say, “Oh, well, that’s for the young ones, not me,” or “I’m happy with my life just as it is. Why in the world would I need more goals?” However, I have watched two beloved role models of mine, my mother, and Susan Wittig Albert, best-selling author and founder of Story Circle Network, continue to dream as they have gotten older.

My mother received her Ph.D. at 53, then went on to have a long and successful 30-year career as a psychologist, learning new information all along the way. Similarly, Susan Albert continues to write one book after another, setting clear and specific goals on Monday and then celebrating their completion on Friday. For both Mom and Susan, continuing to stretch, take risks, and grow have been key ingredients in staying sharp-witted and actively engaged in life. So, with that in mind, what would I dare to dream if I allowed myself that option?

I would love to publish at least one book before I die. Preferably a good one. If I’m honest, I’d prefer to publish many more than just one book, including a collection of flash memoir pieces and a collection of flash fiction. I would also enjoy learning more about writing poetry with the hope of eventually writing a few decent poems. In addition, I would be extremely pleased to see my flash pieces published in highly-regarded literary magazines. I would also love to continue to teach writing for as long as I’m able, as well as remain an active member of my beloved Story Circle Network, my writing community.

I hope when I’m old, I’ll look back at this time in my life and chuckle. “Look at you pushing yourself to keep that brain active. Nice work!”

Here’s to daring to dream.

My mother, Helen W. Leatherwood, Ph.D.
Dr. Susan Wittig Albert, NYT Best-Selling Author and Founder of Story Circle Network

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  1. Oh My God Len! You have inspired so many women! Published your are!

    1. Thank you, Betty. Very sweet. ❤️

  2. Typo! Meant to say: You have inspired so many women! Published you are!

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