A Chilly Orange Grove Evening

We are now up in Ojai at our orange grove. It’s going to be around 37 degrees tonight so we’ll be snuggled deep in our bed. Our main heater in the Airstream is on the fritz currently while we complete our massive electric upgrade; consequently, at the moment, we don’t have any extra heat besides the burners on our cookstove. Needless to say, it ought to get pretty chilly in here by morning. Ray, very often, is the person who gets up super early to feed dogs, turn on the burners and start the coffee so I am indeed very lucky. Plus, we have plenty of comforters on the bed plus two dogs so we’ll be more than fine. I suppose we can officially call this a two-dog night!

The weather tomorrow here will be clear and in the mid-60s so we have that to look forward to. We will be working outside for the majority of the day, which in that kind of weather is quite a pleasure. We are starting preparations for a drive to Texas sometime in the next month. We have lots to do to get ready for that trip since we are now only driving once or twice a year. The reason for flying versus driving? Airfare often is much cheaper than the gas to travel almost 1500 miles in a big Ford van. Whichever way we get there, we will be heading back to Texas in the not-too-distant future to attend to both our business and home there. So, there is that trip to look forward to!

The best part of driving cross-country for those of you who rarely, if ever, do it is all that downtime in the car. Even with cell phones, often the reception is only marginal and affords an opportunity to take a break from the cyberworld. Plus, the drive across Interstate 40 from California to Texas is quite beautiful with lots of open spaces. This allows for time to sit and think while watching lovely scenery in the process. Ray and I both enjoy the trek and the time to unplug. Though technically we are somewhat available by phone and online, we are not nearly as available as usual. And often these road trips get designated as a “no-work” time, which is a special treat.

So, now, we are going to watch Nightmare Before Christmas, a movie that neither of us has ever managed to see. While our heat is only marginal at the moment, our other creature comforts like a DVD player and a cozy couch where we can watch a movie are working quite well.

I hope you have a quiet and lovely night as well.

I’ll be checking back in with you again tomorrow.

Road near the Orange Grove

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