Successful SCN Virtual Conference Today

I am pleased to report that our first virtual conference for Story Circle Network was a wonderful success today. Thanks to the meticulous planning and follow-through of daughter and program director, Liz Beaty, each of our ten speakers was right on time and full of helpful guidance and inspiration.

We also had quite a variety of topics reflecting our theme of “Taking Your Writing to the Next Level,” with presenters offering specific and pertinent tips on how to write fiction and memoir more effectively. In addition, we hosted two inspirational speakers who bolstered everyone’s motivation using the challenges each faced before being signed with top-tier publishing companies.

We started at 9 am Central time (7 am for us west coast folks) and ended at 4:30 Central. A full day with laughter, a few tears, and lots of good will floating across the airwaves.

I am so grateful for the whole village of women writers at SCN who helped make this event such a success. We have been working on this for several months now and our collective effort created a truly memorable event. We even had a wonderful five minute video featuring SCN founder, author Susan Albert. Susan told everyone the history of our organization, emphasizing the importance of women telling their stories.

My heart is full. This was truly a lovely event.

Now time for bed. I can go to sleep with a smile. We did it, and I am proud.

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