Conversation with Myself

Dear Len,

I just thought I’d stop in and say a few words. You’ve been on my mind lately.

Of course, I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. That food poisoning was really something. A virulent strain for sure. So, I’m happy you’re on the mend.

I am also glad you will be slowing down a bit soon. You have your 2O Minutes a Day class ending next week, and you’re starting to wrap up with your students and their deadlines. November looks as if it might be a great time to feel less of the push and pull of your schedule. You’ll have time to spend helping to organize the eBay business and also to return to your WIP so you can jump back into that story and see where it takes you. That would be a fun way to spend November. Just playing with that plot and those characters. Yes, playing would be great.

Speaking of relaxation, how about adding back in your daily walk with the dogs? That was something you enjoyed and it’s good for you to boot. Also, I’m pleased you’re going to get your bloodwork done and plan to see the doctor soon. It sounds like just the right time to have that physical you’ve been putting off and also your mammogram and other tests. After food poisoning, it’s probably the ideal time to do a health reset. Anything to help prevent a relapse of that horrible illness.

And let’s talk about sleep. You need to do more of it. No more staying up half the night binge-watching a tv show. It’s not like it’s going anywhere. You can watch the next episode the next day. Those bags under your eyes are a testament to not getting a routine eight hours. Let’s get back on the health train, shall we? You’re going to need to be proactive if you want to live to that ripe old age you’ve always aspired to reach, with both good health and lucidity, of course.

And now that you’ve lost ten pounds from being sick, maybe you could make an effort to keep that extra weight off. You are now three pounds from the goal WW’s set for you for your age. That’s not bad, especially if you can keep those extra pounds off. It’s better for you, healthwise, for you to make that a priority. Again, if you want to live to be a healthy 95-year-old, then you need to start taking better care of yourself.

On that note, I’ll close. You need to hurry up to bed so you can get a decent night’s sleep.

Don’t forget to also daily remind yourself of your blessings. That’ll be another good way to keep yourself happy as you inch up that age scale.

Now go to sleep. You’ve had a long and busy day.\

I’m happy you have resolved to take better care of yourself. I’ll be around to keep you on track and honest.

Much love,

Your Higher Self

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