Texas and a Covid Scare

I have been in Texas for two weeks, which is a little longer than we usually stay. It’s been a good trip with lots of work tackled both at our building and in our barn outback. Our visit was complicated a bit by a Covid exposure we hadn’t expected. A friend of ours came down with Covid a few days after we arrived and we had definitely been together just before the diagnosis. So, we have spent most of our time here in quarantine, wondering what exactly was to come. Our friend, who had had both vaccinations, by the way, luckily has had a relatively mild case and is currently on the mend.  

Ray and I waited the specified number of days and then both had the PCR Covid test, which is much more accurate than the instant tests. We drove to McKinney, thirty miles away, to take the test since the only testing sites in the Sherman/Denison area were already booked. The next day, I received a message that my test had been voided because the test tube had not been properly sealed and there had been leakage. I was informed I’d need to take another test. Ray learned that his test was negative a few hours later.

Ray flew back to LA as soon as he had a clear test since he had work to attend to there. Luckily, since I work on Zoom, I could stay here, work with students, continue organizing our barn, and take another test. I took one yesterday at Advanced Laboratories on Peyton Street here in Sherman, which was a quick and easy spot for anyone who needs it in this area. They told me they guaranteed results in 24 hours but that it could be sooner. Sure enough, only six hours after I took the test, I received an email that I had an official negative result. Hooray!

The best part of this news is that after all this work Ray and I have been doing, we had planned a mini-vacation this upcoming week. We’ve had a trip to Chicago planned for several months to visit a friend there and to return to Los Angeles traveling by train. Now it looks like we’ll be able to actually make that trip. I’m flying directly there on Saturday from Dallas and Ray’s coming from LA.  

I’m so happy that our friend’s Covid experience was not too bad. Also, I’m relieved we have dodged that bullet. I’m looking forward to seeing our friend in Chicago, hanging out a bit, and having the chance to visit the Chicago Institute of Art on Monday, which is a low attendance day. I’m also excited about our train trip. We’ll have our own little compartment, which should keep us safe. I think we can both use a few days of rest as we make the trek back to LA through the American countryside.

Get those vaccines! Can’t wait to get my booster.

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  1. judyalter says:

    Thankful you escaped Covid, but I’m jealous. Chicago is my hometown, and I’ve just finished my third novel, second mystery, set there. It’s left me with a longing to go home again–yes, Thomas Wolfe, you can. And that long train trip–in my childhood we traveled by train a lot, and I’d love to do it again. Don’t particularly like planes. Hope you enjoy!

  2. Thanks, Judy. Yes, I love Chicago. What a gorgeous city! Also, can’t wait for that train trip. Sorry you can’t go with us! Hugs to you.

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