Our Lyft Driver’s Music Video: Please Watch!

Ray and I took a Lyft yesterday from LAX and our driver was Robert Sutherland, the singer and songwriter of this video. Robert is from Jamaica and over the course of our 40 minute ride, we learned that he was a musician. He mentioned this song and that he was working in the studio making an album this summer. He said, “After all, I don’t always want to be a Lyft driver.” He also said he hoped to live in several other country before he dies. He’s got his eye on Brazil and Panama. In addition, he shared that after a stint in NYC with his band from Jamaica, the “male ego” got involved and every night ended in an argument amongst the band members. That signaled the end of what brought him to America in the first place. He lived in London for several years before moving to LA six years ago. He loves “the good energy” in LA and Ray and I were quick to agree. “Good energy” is the best description I’ve heard of why Southern CA feels like the right place to be for us.

I also found tonight an article in the Jamaica Observer from August 22, 2020 about the song “Never Give Up” and how many people in Jamaica are finding it inspirational. I hope you’ll give it a listen. It will help you – and all of us – to remember that we truly must never give up.

Here’s the Jamaican Observer link for any who are interested.


And, by the way, Robert was also the most professional Lyft driver we’ve had. Safe, kind and full of good humor.

Go, Robert!

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  1. Harriot West says:

    This reminds me of your wonderful piece “Three Strangers on a Plane.” Such empathy and compassion. I think you have the beginnings of a collection called Travels with Len!

    1. Thanks, Harriot! That’s a great idea. I’ll think about that!

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