Hacks on HBO Max

Ray and I are watching Jean Smart in Hacks on HBO Max and I must say it’s exceptional. It takes an episode or two to really grab you, but after that, trust me, you’ll be hooked. Sixty-something Jean Smart is so well-suited for this role as a hard-nosed and hardworking comedienne who has been headlining in Vegas for years. Enter early 20s Hannah Einbinder, who is struggling to make it as a comedy writer and gets paired up with Smart by their mutual agent so they both might save their nose-diving careers. Together, they figure out how to connect even though they are decades apart in age and sensibility. I don’t quite know where it’s going but it is definitely keeping me engaged and enthralled. An older and younger woman with career problems who approach the world from polar opposite places equals a series worth watching. Not to mention a widely diverse and talented host of supporting actors to keep things unexpected and interesting.

I am headed off now to resume my binge-watching. A worthy endeavor for a Sunday evening in mid-summer.

Here’s the trailer if you’re interested in watching.

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  1. Jeanne Guy says:

    Well thanks, Len. We don’t have HBO and after playing the trailer, I sure wish we did!!!

    1. Oops, Jeanne. Forget I said anything!

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