Writing Prompt: Things I Regret

I wrote this list today in a writing group sponsored by Story Circle Network. This will be short but sweet tonight since it’s almost 9 and I started this morning at 8 am. Perhaps, I need to add to my list of regrets: sitting too much and not walking more. Yes, that definitely makes the list.

Some fo the things I regret (not a definitive list and in no order of importance)

  1. Wasting time on worrying about my weight, my appearance, my intelligence and my writing ability.
  2. Not traveling more when Ray and I were first married.
  3. Fighting too much with Ray when our kids were little.
  4. Not seeing my mother the last couple of days before she died.
  5. Being too hard on myself
  6. Not taking more literature classes
  7. Not understanding Ray sooner
  8. Not understanding myself sooner
  9. Not relaxing and enjoying life sooner
  10. Not devoting more time to my writing
  11. Not seeing my grandkids even more often than I already do
  12. Not yet developing a plan to see all the major art museums in the world
  13. Not spending at least some time every year on the shores of the ocean
  14. Not recognizing sooner what I can control and what I can’t
  15. Not singing longer with the LA Camerata
  16. Not figuring out how to spend more time with the people I love the most
  17. Not learning until I was much older that I have a voice and I can use it
  18. Not developing an exercise regime (still need to do this) so that I can maintain my good health
  19. Not forgiving myself very easily
  20. Not having yet published a book that I’m proud to have written

With that in mind, I’ll attend to things that I can still change. That is not a bad plan.

Luckily, I have learned to forgive myself for things I can’t change. That is not a regret.

Good night, my friends.

We’ll talk again soon.

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  1. Len, your vulnerability helps all of us to see what we can list & how to let it go by forgiving ourselves and each other. A very insightful exercise. I’ll work on mine now. Thanks!

  2. Thank you, Rhonda. I really appreciate your feedback, especially on this one!

  3. Mary Jo Doig says:

    Such an incredibly honest and soul-searched list, Len. You are such a role model for all women. That book will come with time and we all wait with much anticipation. You are amazing and wonderful and cherished and I hope you can feel that. xoxoxo

    1. Mary Jo, what a wonderful hug from you. Thank you, my dear.

  4. Mary Jo, I so appreciate the constancy of your support. I feel your warmth clear across this big country of ours. Thank you, my dear.

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