Ray’s Return and a Gorgeous Piece of Music

Ray has returned from LA and he brought cooler temperatures with him. Though it was 93 today in Ojai, this evening it’s a chilly 66, the coolest at this time of night in almost a week. I can suddenly feel fall in the air and am snuggled under several quilts. We sleep with the windows wide open so it’ll get pretty chilly in the wee hours of the morning.

I haven’t been alone here in the orange grove since Liz and Ron have been here all except one night of my 9-day stay. However, I have had the evenings all to myself since it’s been dark by 7 and we retire to our respective homes. Those evenings with no television have been a welcome respite, particularly during this political season. Instead, I’ve listened to KPCC, which is the classical station at USC. Some nights I have listened to nothing but the animals and far-off owls. It’s been lovely.

I will admit, however, I am happy to see my husband after four and a half days apart. He is unwinding from his time in LA. It usually takes a few hours to decompress. I am unwinding too from a busy workweek, much of which was spent at Ron and Liz’s office, which they kindly shared with me over these past few days. I continued to meet with students while here and I needed better Wifi than I can sometimes get here in the grove, especially when doing Zoom or FaceTime calls. Alas, I am happy to have a break from that and can just enjoy the next couple of days with Ray.

Right now, there is a beautiful piece of music being broadcasted from KPCC and we’ll lie in bed and listen to it together. It is quite haunting as soprano voices cascade through the air. The piece is entitled “Como Cierva Sedienta” (Like a Thirsty Doe) by Arvo Part. It is based on Psalms 42-43: “As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, oh God.”

On that note, I’ll say good night. Sleep well, my friends. I’ll check back in with you again soon.

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  1. Mary Jo Doig says:

    Peace. And enjoy, Len. xo

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