A Dead Fox

This perfect little fox was lying dead on our road here at the orange grove this morning. I felt sad that this beautiful animal’s life was cut short. I don’t know what killed him/her. A coyote would not have left her so intact. She is the size of our terrier, Frankie.

We have a plethora of rabbits on our land. Food for this fox to eat for a very long time. We also have ground squirrels, mice and rats, gophers and gopher snakes. We have seen a mountain lion and a couple of years ago, we even saw bear tracks. Plus deer. We have had a whole family of deer routinely walk through our land. Right now, there is some animal howling off in the distance. It might be a coyote but I’m not sure. It has a plaintive cry.

Our little fox probably has a whole fox family. Are they mourning tonight? Are foxes like crows who commemorate their dead? I don’t know. But I do know it is a loss to see this lovely animal dead.

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