Spray Paint Bender

I have been on a bender – no, not a drinking bender – a spray paint bender.

I have been up at our orange grove and have spent the past two days spray-painting yard furniture and funny little decorative items. These have been pieces that have been on the “never-never,” meaning Ray and I had both said, “One of these days, wouldn’t it be great if we painted that ugly xxx, a pretty shade of xxx?”

Well, for at least a few pieces, the never-never has arrived. Below are a few things that I spray- painted. There are several more, mainly side tables and stray table legs, but I forgot to take photos of all of them.

Here you go:

These chairs and table were an ugly shade of aqua. Now they are a creamy white.

This snail had all sorts of flowers painted on it. We agreed that a pale yellow and white would be a great improvement.
This cart was a rusty white. We used “camo” green and it suddenly looks so pretty.

Now you know how I spend my time. Scrubbing off rust and wielding a mean spray can!

What a satisfying way to spend a couple of days.

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