The Key to Happiness: Marry Something

I wrote this back in 2012. I think it remains good advice. I am happy with my free-wielding writing style in this piece. I was loose and letting my thoughts flow. Here’s to relaxing and letting the words just come on out. 

So here I am, stumbling along. Not sure what to say or do. Not clear when or where to go. Maybe it’s time to just recognize that silence is an acceptable alternative. Except when it comes to commitment. After all, there is that moment when you just have to say, “No, I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.” And you hang on as if the sky will fall if you don’t, and before long – or maybe after a long time – the world shifts to accommodate that commitment. It’s all about the hanging on and not just hanging out. The decision to do something rather than just complaining all the time. The choice to proceed rather than recede. Amen, sister, is the name of the game. The alternative is not so good. So, when in doubt put your foot down and do a pirouette, pretty as you please, and know that dancing in the face of fear is as good a choice as any because it is a choice. And choosing, sometimes, is all we’ve got. So, go ahead and choose and see that life will shift just when you were certain you were mired all the way up to the hip and would never move again. And life will eventually catch up with you and you will smell the roses again after too many years of plain ole air. Yes, commitment is the name and the “I do” is the method and the best advice I could give to you – or myself – is marry something as soon as you can. Not someone, but something. And delve into that marriage with the enthusiasm of young love. Ferreting out all the secrets and forbidden territory and watch as your world opens up and makes your mind expand. Yes, that is the key.


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