Julie and Henry’s Too Big House by Luna Pacheco Beaty and Grandma

Julie, the fox, lives in a big two-story house and has a pet dog named Henry. They have lived in their house for two years, but they have discovered it is too big and expensive for them. They are trying to decide whether or not to stay or move. But Henry does not want to move at all. He loves his house because it has a big pool outside and he loves to swim.

“Please, Julie, I want to stay. Can’t we figure out a way so we don’t have to move?”

Julie says, “I don’t know a way for us not to move. The house costs too much money for just the two of us.”

Henry thinks and thinks and then he says, “How about we sell flowers from our big garden so that we can make money?”

“Yes, we could do that but that alone might not be enough. Can you think of anything else we could do to bring in a little extra money?”

Henry thinks and thinks and then he says, “We have a strawberry plant. How about we make popsicles out of the strawberries and sell them to the neighbors and the people in town?”

Julie says, “Yes, we could do that too, but we might still need just a little more money. Can you think of anything else we could do?”

Henry thinks and thinks and then he says, “Maybe we could start selling all that beautiful jewelry that you love to make.”

So, Henry and Julie sell flowers and popsicles and Julie’s homemade jewelry and they make about $100 extra dollars a month. This helps but it isn’t quite enough. They start thinking about making their house a store where people can come and buy even more things.

Do you think Julie and Henry should make their house a store or should they move?

Luna with her two characters, Julie, the fox, and Henry, the dog.


The house, yard, and background that Luna built herself with real grass on the lawn.Luna's House1

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