Happy 29th, Rachael!

Our youngest daughter Rachael turned 29 today. She is still our baby and our whole family loves her very much. She has the good fortune of being beautiful both inside and out. She is kind, considerate and a great listener, but is also strong, straightforward and clear. In addition, she has a great sense of humor and can tease and be teased with the best of them. She’s smart, generous and an overall wonderful human being. In other words, she is a person who makes both her dad and me very proud. We are lucky to have this beloved daughter in our lives.

Happy birthday, Rachael. I hope this upcoming year is filled with good health, good fortune and love. I look forward to spending more days together cooking, working and laughing. You are a gift to me and our whole family. We all love you very much and wish you every happiness.

Rachael is in the blue and beige scarf.

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