Happy Birthday, Ron Betty!

Today is my son-in-law Ron Betty’s 33rd birthday. He and our daughter Liz have been together for several years now and were married last August in Mexico.

Ron and Liz live in Ojai at the orange grove and I have had the pleasure of watching them settle in there, first building a little mini-house, then planting vegetables, keeping bees and recently raising chickens. They are happy there and good companions for each other. This makes me very happy.

Ron is an easy-going fellow, who is very curious and always learning. He is a lawyer by trade, but an adventurer by nature. He and Liz have already traveled to several international locations and have more trips planned in the future. They also do lots of hiking, which takes them to many places as well.

I am so happy to have such a fine young man in our family. He joins my other son-in-law in being a wonderful husband and a good, all-round person. As a mother, this is what you hope for when your daughters marry.

Happy birthday, Ron. I hope you had a good day. Please know that you are loved by not just your own adoring parents, but also by us. Thank you for being such an open and loving human being. You make all of our lives better just by knowing you.

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