The Advantage of an Orange Grove: Lots of Vitamin C!

Ray had a fever-free day today. He was moving slowly at first, but by mid-afternoon was back to life as usual.  I guess the good news is that particular strain of the flu is over in 2 – 3 days and is primarily body aches and fairly high temperatures. It could be worse!

So far, I am fending off this bug. Of course, being in an orange grove, I am taking full advantage of freshly squeezed OJ to build up my stockpile of Vitamin C. (Ray received his daily dose here as well.) Plus, the kumquats are ripe on the trees and they add another shot of Vitamin C. Hopefully, I’ll stave this latest bug off and go on my merry way.

In the meantime, I have helped Liz and Ron with a few final tasks related to the redo of their vintage Spartan trailer.  I am pleased to say that after all these years with Ray, I actually can wield a drill and a sander with at least a decent degree of expertise.

Off to bed I go now. We have washed the sheets and pillowcases to make sure no flu germs are lingering and I get to actually sleep in the same bed with my husband after sleeping on the couch for the last couple of nights. I will say I prefer my sleeping partner. Much cozier!

I’ll be checking back in with you again tomorrow.

Until then, stay healthy, take that Vitamin C and get lots of sleep.


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