Freedom: A Memory

I am a little girl. I am riding my tricycle on the sidewalk. I have to watch for where the tree roots have raised up the concrete. It’s easy to go sideways if I’m not careful and tip over my trike. I can feel my legs churning up and down as I propel myself along the sidewalk from Pine Street down to Oak Street where I have to turn around. I am not allowed to ride my trike any further than that one long block. I feel strong and in control. I love my big red trike. It gives me a purpose, a place to go, a thing to do, a way to sail through the wind and feel alive. I am five years old and happy. My big red trike gives me my first real taste of my freedom.


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  1. Teresa Lynn says:

    Great memory. Brings to mind Susan B Anthony’s comment:
    I think bicycling has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world…It gives them a feeling of freedom and self-reliance. It makes her feel as if she were independent.

  2. Teresa, I had no idea Susan B. Anthony ever said that. I love knowing that! I so appreciate you sharing that information. Thank you!

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